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Memorial Page
From Pancreatic Cancer Awareness

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In memory of loved ones - A prayer
I thought of you with love today, but that is nothing new.

I thought about you yesterday, and days before that too.

I think of you in silence, I often speak your name.

Now all I have are memories, and your picture in a frame.

Your memory is my keepsake, with which I'll never part.

God has you in his keeping, and I have you in my heart.

     - Tina Gerami

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Name Born Died Submitted by
Barbara Ann (Staib) Decker
Comments: Beloved wife of 26 years to Kevin Decker, beloved mother of Sean Thomas and Erin.
Lorna Abara Bouchal
Comments: Beloved mother of Lindsay
1950 04/10/1996 Leona Hilliard
Elizabeth Eye Jantzen 08/26/1925 11/19/1999 Linda Bath - daughter
Carol Nix 08/13/1964 07/17/2000 Deena Reynolds
William F. Berry

William J Berry - son
Karlene L. Parent
After an 18 month battle, she leaves behind her three children:
Arthur, Eileen, & Michelle.
06/25/1947 02/26/2004 Michelle Llorens - daughter
Michael Joey Daniels
Comments: Loved and missed
05/09/1958 02/23/1999
Robert Ginter
Comments: Father of Kelly & Bobby Jr., and a dearly loved, honest, fair, kind human being who desperately wanted and fought to live.
07/28/1951 04/23/2004 Judie Szuets (wife)
Martha (Kizer) Koepp
Wife of Neil, mother of David, Nancy, Joan, Susan, & Rich; Grandmother of Mitch, Brett, Jeffrey, Kyle, Jack, Tessa, & Kelly;

She is missed and loved more every day and left a void that canít be filled.
02/23/1936 03/15/2004 Joan Koepp (daughter)
Mary Anne Kizer
sister of Martha L. Koepp (nee Kizer)
12/05/1932 01/13/2002 Sue Haley (niece)
Barbara (Bobbye) Sloan
Beloved wife of Jerry Sloan, mother of Kathy, Brian & Holly. Grandmother "Grammy" to Grant, Megan & Ben, Adam, Collin, Brendan, Jordan, & Madison.
08/04/1942 06/18/2004 Kathy L. Wood (Daughter)
William E. Campbell
Beloved son, father, and husband.
07/15/1947 04/21/2004 Betsy
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Danny M. Stevens 11/08/2004 Beverly Pancake (daughter)
Gaetano F. Gisonna
We all miss you.
Andrew, Tania, Christopher, Caitlyn, & Baby Alec (who never got to meet his special grandfather)
08/03/1943 10/02/2001 Tania Gisonna (daughter)
Larry Mose
A Special Education teacher, who truly loved each of his special students, he was a great role model for us and made us proud to have such a tender, kind hearted, intelligent man to call our father.
11/24/1948 07/07/2004 Louthilia Mose (daughter)
Joseph R. Gerami
Comments: Father of Dan, Jon & Tina. Grandfather of Chantelle & Jaden (Tina included a special poem which is shown above.)
11/26/1937 08/23/2001 Tina Gerami (daughter)
Lemi McCall Sr
Comments: Wonderful Father that is missed so much
10/13/1940 04/18/2004 Carlene McCall
R. Edward Galloway
Comments: father of Cathy, Mike, & Matt, grandfather of Corey, Ryan, Courtney, Amanda, Kelsey, Tyler, Megan, Emily, & Eric
03/12/1931 02/06/2005 Cathy Pacheco
Jacqueline Cecelia Buckman
Comments: Married to Doug Buckman for 33 years - left Daughter Rhonda (husband Bob), Son Eric - and unborn grandson (now 4 months old) Clark
10/01/1946 06/23/2004 Rhonda Hlavinka
Mark C. Callaway
Comments: He was my partner for life, my best friend, my warrior.
1957 07/13/2003 Tyrene Callaway
Luis Arrua
Comments: Still grieving his loss and thinking of him every day
10/30/1922 11/09/2004 Cristina Arrua Elbaum (daughter)
Clayton Ray
Husband for 49 yrs - Dad to Rusty, David & Becky, and Papa to Matthew, Clay, Baeleigh & Brant
04/22/1930 03/25/2005 Merelyne Ray (wife)
Benjamin Orr (Orzechowski)
Formerly of 'The Cars'
09/08/1947 10/03/2000 Victoria Schafer
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Sharon Carey 01/24/1954 06/26/2005 Jeannie Russell (sister)
Jean Iannucci
Comments: Wife of the late Joseph Iannucci; mother of Loreta, Joseph & Denise; Grandmother of Kenneth, Anthony, Louise, & Lori. She died 3 weeks after the diagnosis at home on hospice.
09/23/1920 10/16/2005 Denise Iannucci (daughter)
Timothy Patrick Williamson
Comments: Missed by his wife - Joye, one Daughter - Shannon, and he was the beloved "Papaw" for two grandchildren - Stephie and Mikey
08/14/1942 07/19/2005 Shannon Betz (daughter)
Bonnie J. Wilson
Comment: The most wonderful and courageous woman that I will ever know. I miss you terribly.
03/03/1939 12/05/2005 Paige (daughter)
Sandra M Weller
Comment: Leaving behind until we all meet again - husband, Carl, three days shy of their 40th wedding anniversary, 3 children: Richard, Jeffrey, & Jennifer; the grandchildren she loved to spoil: Joshua, Jenna, Jack, Colin, McGuire, Emma, & Cole; and two sisters she always had nothing but fun with: Ann & Nancy. She is greatly missed, but now we all have another special angel to watch over us.
08/15/1947 10/13/2005 Jennifer Galing (daughter)
Benjamin W. Strickland
Comment: A True Hero - Loving Father and Husband - Life will never be the same without you
03/20/1931 08/27/2005 Charlene Hazzard (daughter)
Dr. Elizabeth Craver Pryor
Comment: Ellie was so brave and strong to the very end. I will never get over the sudden loss of my loving sister.
1962 08/29/2005 Amanda Adams (sister)
James Thomas Bell
Comment: Devoted teacher and coach for 30 years - leaving behind 4 children and 9 grandchildren.
03/25/1943 09/22/1999 Donna Bell (wife)
John Challis 11/22/1946 07/07/2006 Ruth Challis Petry (sister)
Sylvia Ann Torbett 06/17/1945 03/30/2006 Kim Sumek (daughter)
Caroline Wright
Comment: Beloved Mother, Grandmother, Great Grandmother, and Aunt
So sadly missed and loved so much!
01/29/1929 06/09/2006 Karen Marie Philibotte
Grace Burek (daughters)
Linda Carol Moore
Comments: She will be remembered for her selflessness, her unconditional love, and for her strong faith in God. The way she lived her life was a witness for others.
06/16/1949 08/01/2006 Wendy Tate (daughter)
Owens Jennings Cadle
Comments: He fought hard and went through the chemotherapy and radiation. He will always be remembered and loved by all of his family.
06/03/1936 11/02/2006 Kimberly Cadle (daughter)
Joel Edward Heldt
Comments: My darling husband died of pancreatic cancer after a year long battle. He was irreplaceable.
12/26/1944 10/14/2006 Toma Heldt (wife)
Kay L. Shehab
Comments: A beautiful, energetic, gregarious, friendly, pious, wonderful wife and mother.
10/01/1922 03/27/2007 Denise Shehab (daughter)
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The soul now flies free;
I see the light of the stars,
the rush of the wind tingles
like a cool, morning breeze.

To feel the love of those behind me,
the joy of those who have gone before.
There is peace as I finally see my God.
I will wait, for in time, you too will come.

The Light, The Joy, The Love,

I am now free.

       Provided by Denise Shehab

Barb Bodine     Jan 2007 son
Francisco Cruz  
Comments: a loving father and will be missed by his grandchildren and daughter and all that loved him.
07/03/1946 06/22/2007 Lunette Cruz-Rivera (daughter)
Larry Russo
Comments: the best husband and father in the world
11/26/1949   11/24/2007   Kevin Russo
Robert Ray John
Comments: The love of my life and wonderful father to our three children.
07/06/1950 01/07/2008 Barbara John (wife)
Alma Margaret (Hadley) Rodden
Comments: Beloved Mother and Grandmother
11/15/1926 03/25/1999 Barbara (Rodden) Thompson (daughter)
Ronnie Ann Dearing 09/17/1951 12/07/2007 Carrie Downs (daughter)
John Raniszewski 12/05/1951 04/01/2008 Kris Raniszewski (wife)
Francis Clair Adams
Comments: Great father and a unique human being
08/19/1946 04/19/2008 Lauri Hopkins (Daughter)
Harold S. O'Neal 08/02/1924 04/09/2008 Marilyn Betty Hilliard (Life Partner)
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