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SHOUT it Out Page

WE are proud to be a part of the Angelwing Flyers team. Here are some shouts that I have done. Sure wish I had copied some of my earlier ones. I won the Original Shout award & don't know which one was the winner! *S*

Angelwing Flyers - feel free to use any of these... just mention they came from Spyce!

Best Wishes I thought I saw a Flyer Best Wishes
Standing all alone...
I thought I saw a Flyer
Afraid & far from home.

Her feathery wings were oh so battered
For it was an awesome fight.
But her halo glowed and her spirit shined
To guide us through the night.

Then I was winging toward her
When I heard a tremendous sound...
Of Angelwing Flyers soaring
By the dozens - all around!

We smoothed her wings and gave her smiles.
It made our spirits sing
I heard her whisper softly,
"I'll be the air beneath your wings."

~*~ Angelwing Flyers Together ~*~/

Sunshine, lollipops, & rainbows...
Everything is WONDERFUL
That's how I feel with
Angelwing Flyers!!

Brighter than a lucky penny
When they're with me
Every day is wonderful with
Angelwing Flyers!!

~*~ Angelwing Flyers Unite ~*~

Need some spirit? DO take one of our Spirit Sticks!

Best Wishes Best Wishes Best Wishes Best Wishes Best Wishes Best Wishes Best Wishes Best Wishes
    Best Wishes Best Wishes Best Wishes Best Wishes Best Wishes Best Wishes

We have plenty! *smile* By the way, Spyce has become a Site Fight Spirit -
Click here to visit!

~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~
One more angel is flyin' high...
One more angel touching the sky...
Angelwing Flyers soaring by...
Our team's the best & you know why!

Flyers are so heavenly...
Our halos glow so bright...
We share the spirit everywhere...
We SHOUT & cheer & FIGHT!

~*~ Angelwing Flyers SHOUT every day! ~*~

Oh I've met lots of wombats
And delightful cherubs too
I've met big ol' scary dragons
& eagles & fantasy fighters... just to name a few!

My wings may now be drooping
& my halo's a bit askew...
But I come here to SHOUT a bit
& place my votes for YOU!

~*~Angelwing Flyers are heavenly~*~

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SHOUTING very loud!!
Way above the crowd!!

~*~Angelwing Flyers SHOUT every day~*~

Oh yes! I'm here to SHOUT IT OUT!
You all know what I mean.
Put my halo on & fly about
Cheerin' everyone on the scene!!

Go Wombats!
Go Tigers!
Go Starfighters too!

Go Bunnies!
Go Cherubs!
Eagles & Elves
This means YOU!

Go Warriors!
Go Dragons!
Y'all do your BEST!

Go Golden Oldies!
Go Pharoahs & Warlords!
Legends - don't REST!

Go MaddHatters!
Go Jesters & Knights!
Pirates & Leprechauns
You're doing it right!

Go Unicorns & Teddies!
DRacers... you TOO!
And Atlantis
This cheer is for you!

And now here we are
Saving the best for the last
My Angelwing Flyers
ZOOM on UP - Make it FAST!

~*~ Angelwing Flyers SHOUT every day ~*~


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