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pancreatic cancer kills pancreatic cancer victims memorial

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Memorial Page
Celebrities, Famous People

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Name Born Died Submitted by
Jack Benny
(birth name Benjamin Kubelsky)
Comments: Comic / Actor
02/14/1894 12/27/1974 PCA
Donna Reed
(birth name Donna Belle Mullenger)
Comments: Actress
01/27/1921 01/14/1986 PCA
Michael Landon
Comments: Actor
10/31/1936 07/01/1991 PCA
Bill Hicks
Comments: Comic
12/16/1961 02/26/1994 PCA
Robert Willis
Comments: Bruce Willis' brother
Emily Couric
Comments: Virginia Senator
Sister of Katie Couric
Richard Crenna
Comments: Actor
11/30/1926 01/17/2003 PCA
Alan Bates
Comments: Actor
02/17/1934 12/27/2003 PCA
Harry Blackstone Jr.
Comments: Magician / Actor
06/30/1934 05/14/1997 PCA
Juliet Prowse
Comments: Actress
09/25/1936 09/14/1996 PCA
Henry Mancini
(birth name Enrico Nicola Mancini)

Comments: Composer
04/16/1924 06/14/1994 PCA
Vince Edwards
(birth name Vincent Edward Zoino)

Comments: Actor
07/09/1928 03/11/1996 PCA
Marcello Mastroianni
(birth name Marcello Vincenzo Domenico Mastrojanni)

Comments: Actor
09/28/1924 12/19/1996 PCA
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Johannes Brahms
Comments: Composer
05/07/1833 04/03/1897 PCA
Count Basie
(birth name William Allen Basie)

Comments: Composer
08/21/1904 04/26/1984 PCA
Dizzy Gillespie
(birth name John Birks Gillespie)

Comments: Musician/Composer
10/21/1917 01/06/1993 PCA
Fred Gwynne
(birth name Frederick Hubbard Gwynne)

Comments: Actor
07/10/1926 07/02/1993 PCA
Rex Harrison
(birth name Reginald Carey Harrison)

Comments: Actor
03/05/1908 06/02/1990 PCA
Fiorello LaGuardia
(nickname - The Little Flower - which is what his name means in Italian)

Comments: Mayor of NYC 1933-1945
12/11/1882 09/20/1947 PCA
Joan Crawford
(birth name Lucille Fay LeSueur)

Comments: Actress
03/23/1904 05/10/1977 PCA
Simone Signoret
(birth name Henriette Charlotte Simone Kaminker)

Comments: Actress
03/25/1921 09/30/1985 PCA
Irving Wallace
Comments: Author
03/19/1916 06/29/1990 PCA
Madeleine Carroll
Comments: Actress
02/26/1906 10/02/1987 PCA
Melvin Belli
Comments: Attorney
07/29/1907 07/09/1996 PCA
Art Fleming
Comments: Game Show Host (Original Jeopardy host)
05/01/1924 04/25/1995 PCA
Frank Herbert
Comments: Author (Science fiction)
10/08/1920 02/11/1986 PCA
Margaret Mead
Comments: Anthropologist
12/16/1901 11/15/1978 PCA
Luciano Pavarotti
Comments: Operatic Tenor
10/12/1935 09/06/2007 PCA

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Ads are embedded by Tripod at the top and bottom of every page
- they do not benefit this site nor cancer research.